Slitherine are making a new ancient kart racing management game


Brutal ancient horse racing game Ancient Arenas: Chariots and grand strategy sequel Field Of Glory: Kingdoms and were revealed during Slitherine’s Home Of Wargamers stream today. Both games are still a long way off, but public betas are loading quickly for each, with one set arriving this summer for Ancient Arenas and one in the fall for Field Of Glory. Watch their trailers below.

Ancient Arenas: Chariots is being developed by Creative Forge, the original developers of Hard West, and it looks like it will be a balance between running your chariot racing business and racing the chariots of death themselves. The full Ben Hur experience then spread to four classical regions: Rome, Greece, Egypt and Hispania. You can attend races or micromanage as you please, but watch out for the health of your charioteers and horses. You will also need to keep their gear like armor for riders and horses up to code using your blacksmiths as well.

Meanwhile, Field Of Glory: Kingdoms is a follow up to AGEOD 2019’s medieval grand strategy Field Of Glory: Empires, and it has a great Crusader Kings 3 energy. been thematic this time around manuscripts and illuminated tapestries, illuminating the colors in relation to the empires. Slitherine senior producer Neil McKenna said the way Kingdoms plays will be close to the feel of Empires, but there’s a new emphasis on religion – primarily the conflicts between Christianity and Islam. Europe of the Kingdoms is divided into more than 400 controllable factions at the start, and any smaller faction can unite a larger one, such as the whole of France. Slitherine also says it will come with more campaigns and a more comprehensive tutorial than Empires did.

Further details are still thin on the ground at this time, but Field Of Glory: Kingdoms and Ancient Arenas: Chariots will both be available on Steam and GOG when they finally launch.

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