Man City boss Guardiola hits back at Liverpool ‘snobbery’ over their ‘perfect’ money


Pep Guardiola has compared the perception of Manchester City splashing the cash to that of Liverpool and Manchester United.

Over the past five years, Liverpool have spent £197.2m compared to that of Man City, whose net spend is £433.8m over the same period.

Liverpool sporting director Michael Edwards has received plenty of praise for brokering brilliant transfers while keeping their overall spending relatively low.

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Man City, meanwhile, continue to be criticized for spending large sums of money with the controversial club owned by Sheikh Mansour of the United Arab Emirates.

And Guardiola hit back at Liverpool fans and the media over their perception of City’s spending compared to that of their own or other clubs.

Guardiola said: “For people it’s just money, ok, if you want to think about it, think about it. I know exactly why I work here and I say ‘ok, don’t give me credit, don’t don’t give us credit but let’s give ourselves credit As a manager, give my players and my staff [credit].””

Asked why he thought there was ‘snobbery around money’ at City, Guardiola replied: ‘Listen, when Liverpool in the 70s or 80s [were winning titles] who spent more money? Was it Norwich? Did Norwich spend more money during this period?

“Have Leicester spent more money? No they [Liverpool] spend more money than others. But money then is completely different from now.

When asked why, Guardiola added: “I’m saying I’m going to change that. So when we put here [points to the centre of his torso] Etihad…’oh that’s overpaid’. But now United and Liverpool or whatever are going to pay maybe more because they work well, because the CEO negotiates well, because whatever happened.

“So more? Because it’s from the United States of America or another country [where the owners are from]. So now it’s perfect. That’s why it’s not going to change for a long time, it’s not going to change, that’s the reality. The only way to change is to do well on the pitch.

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