Al Jazeera journalist killed during Israeli raid in West Bank


In one attack, a 27-year-old man from a village near Jenin shot five people in Tel Aviv on March 29, spreading fear in one of Israel’s main cities. While last week two men from Jenin, who were later arrested after a days-long manhunt, killed three Israelis in an ax and knife attack in the ultra-Orthodox town of Elad.

The Israel Defense Forces conducted an increasing number of raids into the camp to arrest suspects, but they were met with fierce resistance from armed Palestinians, often resulting in hours-long gunfights and Palestinian casualties.

The Jenin camp has long been a major flashpoint in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. During the 2002 Palestinian Intifada, the area was devastated after a 10-day long battle when thousands of Israeli soldiers descended on the area. Some 52 Palestinians and 23 Israeli soldiers were killed.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Israeli government was considering a military operation in Jenin or the Gaza Strip to combat the new wave of attacks.

A number of local Palestinian journalists were covering Wednesday’s violence and said they saw Abu Akleh being killed.

“We walked a few meters next to a factory [wall] and the shooting started, I said it was directed at us,” Mujahed Al-Sa’di, a freelance journalist who was at the scene, told J Media, a Palestinian network.

“Shireen was on the ground and Shatha [another journalist] stood by her in the middle of the fire…None of us could help Shireen,” he said. “The occupation targeted her while she was wearing the helmet, she was shot just below the ear.”

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