Steve Bannon threatens revenge against Mark Esper for revelations about Donald Trump


Former White House strategist Steve Bannon has vowed revenge on Mark Esper for making shocking revelations against Donald Trump in his new book.

The former Secretary of Defense, A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense in Extraordinary Timeshas made several startling claims since his time in the White House when Mr. Trump was president.

“Now let me be brutally blunt Esper, because your book is going to get ripped up like Bill Barr’s [book]…So don’t think you’re skipping away from that. When we come to power, don’t think you can live without it,” the far-right political pundit said in his podcast on Monday.

“You’re going to be held responsible for this, brother.”

Mr Esper, in one of the claims, said Mr Trump wondered why those protesting the killing of George Floyd during the Black Lives Matter protests couldn’t be shot in the legs.

“The last year of the Trump administration…we prevented some very bad things, some dangerous things…that could have taken the country in a dark direction,” Esper told CBS in an interview.

He claimed that during the last year of the Trump presidency, the former president’s entourage made suggestions, including attacking Venezuela, blocking Cuba, hitting Iran, etc.

He claimed Mr Trump had also suggested the United States launch missiles at Mexico to eliminate drug cartels.

In response to Mr. Esper’s allegations, Mr. Trump refuted and denied many of the claims except one in a questionnaire sent to him by CBS. Asked about Mexico’s allegation, Mr Trump’s response was “no comment”.

“Mark Esper was weak and completely ineffective, and because of that I had to lead the army. I eliminated ISIS, Qasem Soleimani, al Baghdadi, rebuilt the army with 2.5 trillion dollars, created Space Strength, and much more. Mark Esper was a stiff who was desperate not to lose his job,” Mr. Trump wrote.

Mr Esper, in a separate interview, called his boss a “threat to democracy”, alleging his actions led to the Capitol Riot last year.

“I think, given the events of January 6, given the way he undermined the election results, he got people to come to DC, agitated them that morning and didn’t cancel them. . To me, that threatens our democracy,” Esper told Fox News.

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