Godzilla and Kong are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone


Activision adds a wild crossover to Call of Duty: Warzone — the giant monsters Godzilla and Kong will appear in a new limited-time mode that kicks off tomorrow, May 11.

In the new mode, called Operation Monarch, players will compete to be the last team standing as Godzilla and Kong roam the island. While the monsters “usually don’t get too aggressive”, at times during a match they can “go enraged and attack recklessly” in a “Titan Frenzy”, according to a blog post by Activision’s James Mattone.

“After receiving a Titan Frenzy alert, an operator has two options: tactically withdraw (flee) from these dangerous creatures or attempt to suppress them by inflicting direct damage,” says Mattone. If you deal enough damage to either monster during a Titan Frenzy or earn enough “Monarch Intel” during a match, you’ll get a Killstreak ability that lets you use Godzilla’s powers or Kong.

Operation Monarch mode will be available from May 11 to May 25. Alongside the event, Activision is also releasing a handful of Godzilla and Kong-themed in-game items, including skins.

Godzilla and Kong mode is the latest mind-blowing crossover in a Battle Royale shooter. fortniteof course, is famous for its ties to the brand, but did you know that PUBG-Mobile has just presented its second collaboration with… Baby Shark by Pinkfong? (Yes, that one.)

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