Eurovision 2022: Our three hosts invite us to the Contest


The first of three live Eurovision shows coming this week airs live on Tuesday, May 10. Before the first semi-final, the three hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – Alessandro Cattelan, Laura Pausini and Mika – take the opportunity to welcome us to Turin and to the Contest.

Host press conference, Monday 9 May 2022EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

When a job offer like organizing the Eurovision Song Contest comes up, if you’re a qualified TV presenter who thinks you’re ready for the job, then this isn’t the one you’re going to turn down. But far from being just another gig, everyone has their own reasons for saying “yes” to such a rare invitation. And our three hosts from Turin are no exception.

Laura: ‘It was an intense journey, but I wanted to go for it because it’s so exciting, something very new to me. This is a contest that can help us keep in touch with European sounds and promote unity‘.

Mike: ‘We have the least difficult job, compared to the artists who have to show up and present their songs. We can talk and laugh and have fun‘.

Mika at the hosts press conference, Monday, May 9, 2022EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

Laura mentioned the appeal of music, or rather the ability to enjoy an eclectic selection of songs from across Europe. And that’s something that Mika, who is also a musician, also understood.

Mike: ‘Music is a tool that unites and it’s also something that artists can use to show how they are all so different too. It’s amazing to see all these different cultures and all these different sounds; and they can all exist on the same stage. Diversity is something truly remarkable to see, and so inspiring‘.

Laura and Mika at the hosts press conference, Monday May 9, 2022EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

For Laura, she agrees that she’s going to enjoy it as a fan, just as much as she’ll enjoy the experience as a host.

Laura: ‘It’s interesting because it’s an opportunity for us, the audience, to learn and discover. All this through music in another language. I’m in love with this! This, to me, is life‘.

When it comes to the job of TV presenter, it is undeniable that the three of our most experienced presenters is Alessandro Cattelan. But even he is well aware of the magnitude of what he has just undertaken.

alexander: ‘In my career, I’ve mainly done two different genres of TV animation – musical shows and comedy stuff. Eurovision is great. The MTV stages were big, the X Factor stage is huge – but this one is bigger. Bigger than anything I’ve done before‘.

Alessandro at the hosts press conference, Monday 9 May 2022EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

Regardless of the difference in experience, however, Alessandro considers himself and his colleagues to be on the same level of ability to get into hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. And that’s largely because of their approach, and how that very approach ties into the very essence of Eurovision.

alexander: ‘All three of us share the same values ​​- we like to enjoy what we do. And we love Eurovision. We all three share the values ​​of Eurovision, so it’s nice to be here and do something like that‘.

Alessandro Cattelan, Laura Pausini and Mika present at the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

Their love for the Competition is certainly something that unites the three talents. Mika in particular has seen it evolve over the years and is thrilled to be taking part in Eurovision where the Competition is now.

Mike: ‘I’ve watched Eurovision all my life and I think it’s an amazing show. It’s great that you have all these artists from all over Europe coming to a contest. I think over the last five years in particular, the EBU has gone to great lengths to make the show even more relevant; without losing anything. Production values ​​have been completely increased. It’s amazing to see the impact it has nowadays. I love it and I’m really happy to be here‘.

You too can join our three hosts in their absolute element. Tune in to the semi-finals and grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 10, 12 and 14.

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